Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection is a London museum that houses over five thousand pieces of art from the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries. Located in Manchester Square, the Wallace Collection has been open for public viewing since 1900. Its many works include an extensive collection of French paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and furniture. The museum has a total of 25 galleries that showcase what was once the private collection of Sir Richard Wallace.

–The Wallace Collection is open daily between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM. Admission is free for both temporary and permanent exhibitions. The museum is accessible by many bus lines, the Marylebone railway station, and the Bond and Baker Street tube stations.

–Wallace Collection guides offer group tours of the museum at a cost of £6 per person. These tours cover a variety of art topics and are available between the hours of 10 AM and 3:30 PM. Groups can tour the museum without a guide as well, provided that they book an appointment at least two weeks before a visit.

–The Wallace Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the Wallace Collection. The food may be a bit extravagant for those on a budget with its upscale French cuisine. The museum itself is in Central London and close to many affordable eating establishments.

–The Wallace Collection is best known for its Renaissance-era objects, displays of armour, and eighteenth-century paintings by artists such as Titan and Rembrandt. All collection pieces are housed in the museum at all times and never loaned for touring exhibitions.

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