Walking tour of London

When visiting London, what better way to soak in the city and learn about its history than by walking? You don’t have to deal with trying to drive around a city you aren’t familiar with or getting caught in traffic. There are numerous companies that offer a walking tour of London.

Whether you’re looking for a history lesson, a day full of art, local pubs or ghost stories, there are plenty of opportunities to get a great walking tour of London.

London Walks is London’s original walking tour company. For history buffs, internationally recognized authority on Jack the Ripper, Donald Rumbelow is one of the guides on your walking tour of London. From ghost tours to the changing of the guard, this company offers a walking tour of London to please everybody. There’s even a pub walk on Friday evenings! To learn more, visit them on the web at http://www.walks.com/.

Walks in London offers tourists a personalized walking tour of London. They like to tailor-make a guided tour so that it includes things that you and your group are interested in. You can learn more about this tour by visiting their site at http://www.secretlondonwalks.co.uk/.

For those who are not faint at heart, a ghost walking tour of London might be up your alley. These walking tours of London are led by author Richard Jones. From a Jack the Ripper tour to a special Halloween Tour, these are guaranteed to leave you feeling a little jumpy. To learn more about these tours check out the website at http://www.london-ghost-walk.co.uk/.

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