Victoria Park London

Victoria Park London, located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, is an open stretch of land that has been accessible to the public since 1845.  With its array of greenery that includes flowers, cherry trees, and horse chestnut trees, Victoria Park London is one of the East End’s most scenic spots.  The park is the site of cricket matches during the summer evenings, open-air music festivals, and frequent model boat regattas.

–Victoria Park London is an enjoyable place for children to visit.  The park has a playground, a paddling pool, a deer enclosure, and hosts various summer activities.  The One O’Clock Club, a playgroup for children under five years of age, meets in the park as well.

–There are several exciting summer events that take place in Victoria Park London, and one that is practically free of charge is the Paradise Gardens, a festival that occurs on the third weekend in June.  Paradise Gardens features circus shows, music, and street arts.

–Victoria Park London is open daily from 6 AM until dusk.  The park is within close proximity of the Bethnal Green and Mile End tube stations, the Bethnal Green and Cambridge Heath railway stations, and several bus stops.  The nearest car park, Mosque, is approximately one-half hour away in walking distance.

–Some of the notable features of Victoria Park London include the Dogs of Alcibiades sculptures, the Old English Garden, and Victoria Park Lake.  The park also holds two pedestrian alcoves that were once part of the old London Bridge.

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