The London Bridge Experience

The London Bridge Experience is an interactive tourist attraction that opened to the public in early 2008.  Located in the vaults of the London Bridge on Tooley Street, The London Bridge Experience involves actors and special effects that detail the bridge’s thrilling history. Those who visit the attraction will learn about London Bridge in the days of the Romans, the Vikings, the fire of London, and when the bridge was instrumental in the punishment of criminals.

–The London Bridge Experience is combined with another optional attraction known as the London Tombs, where tourists view a gravesite from 14th century London.  Those who do not wish to enter the Tombs can go to the London Bridge museum and café instead.

Tickets for The London Bridge Experience cost £21.95 per adult and £16.95 per child on the day of the event. If purchased in advance online, tickets are £16.95 per adult and £12.95 per child before 5 PM. After 5 PM, all tickets are £10.98 apiece. Special rates are available for families and students.

–The London Bridge Experience is open from Monday through Friday between the hours of 11 AM and 5 PM, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 6 PM. Group bookings and school trips are available through advanced booking.

–The London Bridge Experience is accessible by rail and tube through the London Bridge Station and the Monument/Bank Station. The attraction is also convenient to several bus routes and car parks.

The London Bridge Experience provides an in-depth look at London history through the recreation of the bridge in various forms and with actors who serve as guides of this tour through the ages.

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