Thames Clippers

There are many forms of transportation for those local to London as well as visitors to the city. Although most people know about the buses and trains, you may be surprised to learn you can travel and sightsee the city by boat.

The Thames Clippers transport more than 7,000 passengers a day. That includes commuters and tourists. Tourists can check out London Bridge, Canary Wharf, and many other landmarks from a whole new perspective – from the River Thames.

With boats leaving major piers in London every 20 minutes, the Thames Clippers have also become a popular mode of commuting to and from work.

A ticket for regular commuters is merely £5. Tourists can pick up sightseeing tickets for £12. These tickets also allow as many hop-on and hop-offs as they’d like throughout the day. Thames Clippers tickets can be bought right on the piers the day of your trip.

People heading to a concert or sporting event at the O2 can have a totally hassle free trip to and from the event thanks to the Thames Clippers. No more dealing with traffic jams after busy events.

The Thames Clippers also have the Tate Boat, which is a service that runs specifically to famous art galleries.

The boats have climate controlled seating that some would even call luxurious. There are also snacks available all day, perfect for tourists checking out what London has to offer.

With the boats running so often, the Thames Clippers offer commuters one of the fastest ways to reach their destination, while offering tourists an unique look at the city of London.

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