Tate Modern UK

The Tate Modern UK is a museum that houses collections of international modern art. It is located in Bankside, London and opened in May of 2000. The Tate Modern UK is a five-level building in which the permanent contemporary art exhibitions are found on the third and fifth floor, and the temporary exhibits on the second and fourth floors. Tourists who are interested in visiting this museum can find some basic information here:

The Tate Modern UK does not charge admission for any of the permanent displays. Some of the temporary exhibitions are free of charge to view as well.

Guided tours, both individual and small group, are offered on a daily basis at no cost. These tours are approximately 45 minutes in length and allow visitors to have a more in-depth look at various collection pieces. The Tate Modern UK runs guided tours at 11 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, and 3 PM.

For only £2 per ticket, visitors can take a multimedia tour through the Tate Modern UK. This tour features recorded commentary from contemporary artists and critics. Interactive projects are available for children.

–The museum is near the tube stations of Southwark and Blackfriars as well as the Waterloo railway station. The Tate Modern UK can also be reached by riverboat when one is travelling from Greenwich or the Docklands.

Tickets for museum events, private tours, and large group tours can be purchased by phone or online via the Tate’s website.

–Restaurants are affordable and provide a great view of River Thames and st Paul’s cathedral.

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