Speakers Corner Hyde Park

Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park is a place in London where public speakers can make their views on politics, society, and other issues known. Located in the northeast section of Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner has the distinction of being the first of its kind among peaceful venues for speechmaking. A number of British and international public figures have made appearances at Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park, including George Orwell, Karl Marx, and Donald Soper.

–Speakers are only permitted to convene at Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park on Sundays, so tourists and residents of London who wish to hear the speeches should plan their visits for that day.

–Those who use Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park as a platform to voice their opinions will generally have no problems with police involvement as long as they speak on lawful subjects and do not use profanity. Visitors to the park can expect to hear speeches and debates on a variety of topics including war, religion, and socialism versus capitalism.

–Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park can be used on a frequent basis by a particular organization, or spontaneously by anyone who wishes to speak to the public. It is common for the crowds to heckle speakers whom they don’t agree with.

–Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park has inspired similar outlets for public speaking in both the United Kingdom and other countries including Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

–Visitors to Hyde Park can also observe monuments such as the Holocaust Memorial and the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial.

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