Sightseeing in Popular UK Cities

The United Kingdom consists of four nations, England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland. These nations comprises of a rich ancient history dating way back to centuries ago. All the nations have remarkable landmarks and historical monuments to see. From admired architectures to beautiful and spectacular natural landscape such as mountains and a must see coastline. Something is here for everyone and new arrivals to this nation will get an understanding of the culture that makes up the United Kingdom.

If anyone is thinking ok living in the London area, then they would be located at the apex of England’s rich and fascinating history. This city came into existence in the Roman period with the coming of the Roman legions in 43 AD. Momentous structure has since highlighted the ages with the historical Westminster Abbey the most noticeable along with City of Gilds.

Travelling towards the country in the West and Cornwall you can head into Salisbury which is among the most medieval cities in England. Then a short drive from Salisbury you will find the world famous and historic Stonehenge which is a reminder of primeval times which is over 5, 000 years ago. In Avon you will find Shakespeare’s city which is called Stratford and has a beautiful small medieval town.

Bath is an elegant city which has a Georgian style in architecture which is famously known for its mineral waters since the Roman era and in the 18th century it became famous for its Georgian elegance squares and crescents. Visitors can find marvelous beaches after a long drive out of Cornwall as they will come into the coastal villages where they will find warm temperatures.

Visitors must not give up the chance to see Tintagel Castle, with its location at the Cornish north coast and is the home of Arthurian legends and Glastonbury which is in Summerset and is famous because of the Holy Grail legend.

If you are coming from north London and heading towards, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham into the Midlands into the northeast you will pass through the Industrial Revolution where there a lot of manufacturing and processing companies, the heart of England’s manufacturing. The rich London mine owners who also owned the mill lived a luxurious life in massive houses which are now opened to the public for viewing.

The next must see city is York which is known for its Roman past along with the Saxon medieval history. If you decide to continue north and go cross the Scottish border you will find Alnwick Castle, in Edinburgh which has its famous castle along with its summer music and the loving art festival which tells about the Scottish Diaspora. Wales is a lovely country from the high mountains into the spectacular Yorkshire moors, through Derbyshire Peak, into the mysteries of Dartmoorn which is located to the southwest. Visitors can take in the sights of the lovely Pennine Range straight to Lake District into the distant highlands of Scotland and understand that in the UK all the people play a part.

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