National Parks in UK

In the United Kingdom there are 15 national parks and are considered to be the nation’s breathing space. They are maintained each year by the government who protect them form from being over used or for land development. The beautiful natural resource such lakes, mountains and forests are ready for exploration for everyone. There are plenty of resources available to accommodate outdoor activities and sports along with hiking and all these are easily accessible due to the excellent transport system of Britain.Hyde Park

Located in Scotland is the Cairngorms National Park, hosting the breathtaking view of the highest mountains in Britain along with rivers, lakes and home to thousands of wildlife species. Thousands of visitors are attracted by this spectacle each year as the play hosts in the summer to hiking and trekking and the winter brings skiing to this lovely land.

The historic town of Buxton is located within the adorable Derbyshire Peak District with the must see Stanly Mansion adding to the natural beauty of England. The region’s rich architectural heritage is on display when you consider the near 3000 buildings including the great Chatsworth House. Over 100 areas are protected to preserve the beautiful flora and breathtaking fauna of this magnificent region.

The natural beauty of Yorkshire Dales is to be put on display when you think of the rushing streams and villages with spectacular charming stone cottages all dwelling inside Pennine Range. This is another preserve area for habitats and is shared alongside a rich heritage.

Considered a heritage site and was established as a hunting place for the medieval Kings of England, New Forest is home to spectacular forests, breathtaking coastlines and heathlands along with New Forest ponies.

Dartmoor and Exmoor carries the rich heritage of hunters and ancient mines in the West Country. Located in Dartmoor is the ill-famed prison along with the primeval burial mounds. The region has a rugged scenery, remote tracks and moorland villages which add to its history.

A place which has traces of Britain’s earliest heritage is Northumberland, which is the most northern point in England. Its location was designed to prevent the Scots coming to Britain for invasion which was called Roman Britain at that time. There is a lot still left that shows the iconic history this region has. Castles, lakes and old-fashioned market town had helped to preserve this beautiful and historic place.

England’s biggest internal waterway region is Norfolk Broads and it is located near the North Sea. It has locks covering areas well above 200kms and is known for canals and rivers as well.

A journey to that part of England is worthwhile as beautiful canal, waterside pubs and spectacular villages will take your breath away. A must see is the historic town markets which will give you some insight as to the rich historical culture existing in Britain.

The beautiful Lake District, breathtaking South down and the Magnificent North York Moors are some of the natural resources protected by Britain.

The protection of these natural resources is vital for the preservation of the rich and historical identity that Britain has.





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