How to Move to England

How to move to England and the United Kingdom, permanently or temporarily? Is one of the most common questions we get asked on a regular basis.
My Desire Is to move to London/UK/England
Can I be informed of how I can accomplish this?

Important Disclaimer because of BREXIT
How to Move to England during Brexit

With the Brexit situation, we are going to need to get the content of this article edited (especially when it refers to getting a UK job, even if you are a citizen of the EU). Since the government of the UK has decided to go ahead with the Brexit it might no more be as easy as it was prior to the referendum.
For now there is still some uncertainty pertaining to the data, because the United Kingdom still has two (2) years to enter into re-negotiations with the EU with regards to their treaty. So as at now nothing is going to change. However, we are going to keep you updated with any current news that would follow.
I would be extremely wealthy by now, if only I could be paid as little as one euro by all the people who asked me this question. But I fully understand. London in particular and the United Kingdom in general, possess everything anyone would desire, from job opportunities, to social life, history, and their melting pot of culture.

And once you have gotten settled down, there is always the possibility of exploring some of the best and most wonderful landscapes that exist in all of Europe most of which are situated within the UK and England in particular.

Is your dream and desire to move to the United Kingdom, but you don’t know how to go about it, and would require some detailed information on how to achieve this from people who have already been to this place? Then this free guide is all you are going to need to be prepared. So feel well relaxed as you continue to read.

I am an Italian of 30 years of age. I really don’t speak good English. I relocated to the United Kingdom in 2007 and I dwelt in London as an expat for six years, beginning with nothing.
With all the above premises, I am going to try my best to get all the key points addressed for you to begin and ensure that you find yourself walking beneath the shadows of the Big Ben quickly.
I will dwell in detail on:

  1. Simple tricks and tips for finding a room or a flat at prices that are affordable.
  2. Employment opportunities in the United Kingdom and tips for dealing with employment interviews in London.
  3. Links and documents to be complied with for the annoying bureaucracy.
  4. A list of links that are useful, whenever the issue being described has to be given full explanations. This is where I would make reference to a reliable source for your further guidance.

In summary, this guide would have everything that I myself would have wanted when I made my decision to relocate to England. In each section, you are going to discover links that are useful (all of which have been tested on several occasions by me) which would assist you to get deeper insight into the issue. Also, I add some of my own personal secrets on how I accomplished it.
Are you prepared? Let us start right away.
Four important things to be considered prior to your decision to leave:

  1. (1) Have clear thoughts and ideas idea of what it is you are searching for:
    I came across a lot of people who desired to relocate without having the slightest thought of what had to be done. London and the United Kingdom can be an untamed and unfriendly jungle. Draw up a plan, scribble down a list of the kind of employment you have interests in and your talents. Make use of this as a point to start from to have a focus for your research. The more accurate and detailed that your plan is, the higher would be of your chances of succeeding.
    How I got it done: when I made my decision to depart from Italy, I had my attention entirely focused on how to turn into an Au pair. For several months I paid visits to specialized sites, forums, and made contacts with numerous families until I discovered the one that was perfect for me.
  2. (2) It is necessary to know basic English
    Several people desire to relocate to the United Kingdom even when they have no knowledge of the basics. This is impossible unfortunately. It is not mandatory that you must be fluent, however there is fierce competition today. You are going to be dealing with individuals who already possess an excellent idea of the language. Prior to making your departure, create some time to enter into studies. Get prepared. At least you must be capable of understanding a little bit of the language and making basic conversations with those in the locality.
    How I got it done: super rusty was how my Basic English was. As a result, I had to equip myself with around 25 DVD in the authentic language, and for 4 months non stop I watched not less than 4 movies every day. I have made tremendous improvement and all in a time that was relatively short. A couple of my friends actually thought that that I had taken a cinematography course.
  3. (3) Select the appropriate direction
    England is large, so don’t out rule the probability of residing on the outskirts of London. Indeed, the most sought out destination is the capital. However, why not take into consideration other venues and see what is on offer there? Sometimes, the key to success is selecting to reside in areas that are less popular. There would be lower competition for jobs, and there are higher opportunities for interacting with the native speakers.
    How I got it done: I selected a family which lived in a small village in the countryside, which was less than 1 hour south of London. Was it difficult? Yes, it was a little bit difficult.. However, the effort I made initially paid off. I made impressive improvement to my English and I became friends pretty easily with the locals.
  4. (4) Realise what your starting minimum budget is:
    I departed with about 600 Euros. However, I already had a place of residence and an employment as an Au Pair (recall my first point: it is crucial to make advance plans).
    Generally, your starting budget should cover the cost of accommodation, transport, and food for the first 30 days. Just to be on the safe side you would need at least 1,500 pounds to begin with. Depending on what your plan of attack is, this figure can vary.
    If you desire to become an Au Pair, then the costs for food and accommodation should be detracted. If you wish to reside in London so that you are not too distant from the center, you would have to include to your initial budget about 30 to 40 percent. We can assume that an average of 1,000 or 2,000 pounds must be sufficient to take care of the costs, taking into consideration the different lifestyles and location.
    How to Move to England photo

      Even if you decide to reside inside or outside of London, there are two major ways of searching for accommodation in the United Kingdom.
      a. Searching directly:
      This can be done through websites/forums and newspaper adverts. It is worth trying even though it has a bit of risk. My Bible for this is the website called Gumtree {}. Everything from getting a temporary employment as a receptionist, to accommodation, and even a cheap second hand PC for 30pounds have been found there by me. The website provides flat rentals and room share all over England’s main towns, which are sorted by areas, basic prices per month/week, and accommodation type.
      Advantages: You can make contact directly with the Landlord, which eliminates agency fees. Short-term rentals can easily be found. In a few situations, it is not necessary to show proof of your employment (evidence which is needed by lots of popular agencies).
      Disadvantages: When evaluating an offer you need to exercise caution and care. Lots of the landlords are honest individuals. However, you could end up in situations that are not pleasant like when I discovered rats in the house on the day I moved in and had to make a call to the solicitor because the landlord refused to refund my deposit money. In the end I lost 500 pounds in addition to my time. It was a terrible nightmare.

a. Real estate agents:
Definitely this bet is the safest, but it would require that you provide additional documents (which are going to be carefully reviewed before an answer would be given to you).
Documents required:
Evidence that you are employed in the United Kingdom: assuming you are still searching for one, it would be better to search for a room to be shared through Gumtree.
Evidence of UK residency for the previous two (sometimes three) years. Your home country address will suffice if you do not posses this record.
Reference letters from former Landlords (sometimes this information is also required from them, although it is not always so).
English bank account: this is not compulsory but it is usually needed and it is important when you get employed. This is why you should get one as soon as possible. More details can be found in the “Useful Links” chapter at the conclusion of this post.
Advantages: The possibility of turning to the agency in the event of the house having any problem, and the guarantee of a lawful contract that you can hold onto in the likelihood of a dispute.
Disadvantages: Apart from the deposit (which is usually for a month or six weeks) there are the also the agency fees. Always enquire about how much the agency fees are before you endorse. Depending on the agency it could vary widely. You could go through this article which is an interesting write-up on how you could be “scammed” by agencies on commissions.
Websites for short rental to discover accommodation inside London
If you make a decision to make an attempt to venture into the ultra expensive London, an equally great option you can take into consideration for the initial couple of weeks (pending when you sort out all the other documents, find a suitable place to rent, and get employed) is the option of “short rental.” When you are a group of four or more individuals it would obviously work better and can be the right choice for saving money.

Why is this so? There are several reasons to have this alternative considered.
You are going to possess a kitchen and (believe me) this is one major advantage for saving money for feeding.
When you are searching for a job the location close to the tube station is ideal for moving around.
The feeling of being at “home”
Last November, I made use of this alternative with FG Properties when I returned back to my well loved London for seven days near Earl’s Court in a busy area. It had 2 big bedrooms, a sofa, a proper kitchen, and was just a few minutes from the tube station.
The cost of an apartment similar to this one can be less expensive than going to rent a room, especially when consideration is made of your being in a group of three or four people. Apartments like these are surely worth being taken a look at by groups, or else a good choice for you to consider would be a hotel that is nice and conveniently located.
Most used websites/agencies for finding UK accommodation
Before you endorse any contract, I would strongly advise that you carefully read through it, and ensure that no special clauses exist in it.
For additional information about popular UK rental contracts, you can visit this link. “Better be safe than sorry,” is what the English usually say.
Average monthly prices:
London (consider 20 – 30 percent less for outside London)
North London 400 pounds to 500 pounds (single); 450 pounds to 650 pounds (double)
South London 400 pounds to 500 pounds (single); 450 pounds to 750 pounds (double)
West London 400 pounds to 450 pounds (single); 450 pounds to 750 pounds (double)
East London 400 pounds to 450 pounds (single); 430 pounds to 550 pounds (double)
Expenses excluded (TV license, internet, water, electricity, council tax): these range between 60 and 120 pounds every month. They depend on the location, the house, and the number of individuals who reside there.
Note: if you do not pay your bills regularly in England they are extra strict, especially the TV license and the Council Tax. Do not attempt to play smart because they would immediately send a letter of warning to you and could take you to court even for bills lower than 100 pounds.

  1. STEP TWO:  How to Move to England and find JOBS

    Usually, England is seen as the place where anyone can start live over again and find jobs within seven days. However, is this the actually fact? Unfortunately, the situation is no more as easy as it used to be in the days gone past.
    The United Kingdom has not been exempted from the global recession. This is why it could take you a bit of time to land the best job. But you should not lose courage. In England, there still exist a lot of opportunities. All you have to do is to be patient and be prepared.
    I would like to share with everyone all that I learnt from my errors while working and living in London over the course of six years, including when I was still searching for employment and while I was involved with recruitment personnel for a British firm that I was working for.
    6 Tips for Finding a Job in the United Kingdom
    (1) Your Resume is Important:
    You could be the best candidate for the job, but you would immediately be thrashed if your resume is incomplete, inaccurate, or not done properly. They are very selective about this in the United Kingdom. Get assistance from a native English speaker. There could not be anything as bad as a great resume which has been written in English that is bad.
    (2) Never look down on your potentials:
    Most people imagine that immediately they come to England they would discover a “qualified” employment or job. For others, the fear of not knowing the language well enough or just not being enough makes them to be too scared to even dare trying.
    It is always best to take the middle way. Simply take your steps one at a time. If you realize that you still do not have confidence after a few interviews, or that compared to your experience the demands are much higher, then reduce the fire.
    You would get more confidence after attending several interviews and your approach to them would be better. For this single reason, those companies which you care more about should be left at the end of your employment “wish list.”
    (3) Have a good knowledge of Word/Excel:
    If you are searching for employment in a secretarial job, realize that a lot of the recruitment firms and agencies would ask that you complete a one hour test on a PC just to have an assessment of your knowledge.
    Your application would be rejected if you do not pass it. In the UK this is the practice that is widely used. If you are not yet prepared, do not throw away an opportunity. This was what happened to me and you cannot imagine how disappointed I was with myself because no one had informed me of how it usually worked.
    (4) Go to the agencies for recruitment in person:
    This usually creates a winning impact and provides you a better opportunity of arranging interviews with the recruitment personnel right there and then. I got my job in a fashion company as a production assistant in this way.
    If you are willing to adapt, appear confident, and present yourself well, the recruiter would not want to risk the chance of losing you, and they would usually find something that is appropriate for you. Always display positive attitudes. Do not be arrogant. However, try not to look very desperate either.
    (5) Do not allow age to intimidate you:
    In England, it is of little importance if you are over 30 years old and still searching for a job. Unlike what would automatically happen in other countries, you are not cut out. All you need to succeed is if you have a good level of English and experience.
    When I was hired by Burberry London I was 31 years old and they never for once asked me about my age. Actually, there is a law which states that it is an act of discrimination enquiring about a person’s age. This is why you should not include it on your resume.
    (6) Test your conversational skills on telephone:
    It might sound stupid and ridiculous, but it is more difficult to answer a phone than having a conversation in person, especially for anyone who still struggles to speak English. Ensure than by the time you receive a call back from a recruiter that you are well prepared.
    Trust me, whoever is calling you would recall precisely if there was insecurity in the way you sounded or if you kept asking them to repeat for five times the same sentence over and over again. This was what happened to me and it was not good. Ask a friend of yours, perhaps even a local resident, to practice with you. It worked wonders for me when I did this.
    A few industries, like IT and healthcare still provide lots of opportunities. Do not forget that in these cases your knowledge of the language must be quite good.
    When you click on this link you can find out the jobs that are the most requested in the UK along with the average wages and detailed descriptions.
    This would provide you with ideas of what should be expected and you can evaluate in an objective manner whether you do or do not possess what is required for applying. You do not need to stop at the above mentioned list. If you possess specific skills, go ahead with your research by using the major online recruitment websites.
    Remain stubborn and resolute. As long as you firmly believe in a thing, and you have the requisite skills, you will get your reward.
    There are still several thousand administration jobs to be had in a wide range of industries and sectors all over London, in spite of the continuous talk of jobs becoming automated and the mythical ‘paperless office.’ This is true, because no matter what your business might be, you would still have to staff the telephones, be on top of the paperwork, and generally ensure that there is a smooth running in your office. This is why it is not surprising that in any company administrators are still considered the backbone.
    Equally, irrespective of what your qualifications, previous experience, or present age might be, opportunities for administration jobs in London have a tendency of being in abundance.
    You are going to require the ability to juggle tasks properly and work well in a team, have a thoughtful and methodical approach to your work, have the ability to remain calm when under pressure, posses an excellent attention to detail, and be highly organized.
    Also important are telephone manner and typing skills. You can also visualize working towards an SVQ or NVQ in Business Administration, levels 1 to 4.
    And if you desire to make progress, it is usually possible to progress from a role in administration into becoming a supervisor, PA, or an office manager (which is what actually happened to me when I was employed by Burberry London. I began as an ordinary temporary admin Assistant and I got promoted to Coordinator after 1 year).
    Jobs all over London attract remuneration and salaries of about 22,500 pounds and up to 37,500 pounds. The average is possibly close to the 25,000 pounds mark.
    The bulk of young individuals who wish to relocate to the United Kingdom would come under this group. What are the available opportunities, and what approach is the best?
    These are some of the easiest jobs that can be found. With your resume, simply walk from one door to another and ask to see the manager. You need to pay attention because a lot of restaurants which are searching for staff usually paste their fliers on their windows. In England, waiters usually earn quite a lot of money simply as a result of the tips. In some situations, you would get lesser tips if you are a new arrival. However, your tips would accordingly increase once you begin to gain experience.
    The average salary is from 800 to 1,300 pounds, including tips.
    Your job here would be to welcome customers, have their bags and coats stored in the cloakroom, and have them escorted to their tables. I actually worked on this sort of job and it can be very stressful and demanding. However, if you love gossip you could get rewarded by watching Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, or Hugh Grant having their favourite plates of spaghetti (I actually did see them after working at a restaurant for less than a week).
    The average salary is from 800 to 1,200 pounds every month, including tips.
    Once you have a good knowledge of the language, this job is relatively easier to find. Going directly to the hotel and asking to speak with the management is the best approach. Also another good place to find these types of jobs is the recruitment agencies.
    The average salary is from 1,000 to 1,300 pounds.
    If you ask the big franchising companies like Monsoon Accessories, Zara, Top Shop, and H & M, these are quite easy to find. The required level of English is basic and as a part time job it offers a wonderful start. You would be able to enroll in any of the several courses in English and once your English gets better you would be able to apply for positions that are more specialized.
    The average salary is from 900 to 1,300 pounds.
    AU PAIR:
    In my personal opinion, if your goal is to learn the language before looking for qualified jobs, this is one of the best ways to begin working in the UK.
    Below are a few advantages:
    1) Probability of residing with the locals and rapidly improving on your English. (In the beginning you might have huge headaches. However, it is really worth it.)
    2) There is not much stress in the job. (It is actually fun, once you enjoy the company of kids.)
    3) Free accommodation and food, in addition to a small salary every week to cater for your minor expenses (about 50 to 100 pounds every week, which depends on the number of kids you are taking care of, the location, and whether you must also clean up the house or not).
    4) In some situations, you would have a car of your own. (I did and it was actually a wonderful experience.)
    5) Opportunities for attending college (a lot of families would pay for this.)
    6) A lot of free hours, lots of weekends off, and often there is the possibility of your keeping another job (during my spare time, I actually earned 500 pounds a month for a few hours working in a sandwich bar.)
    The most common sites where you can discover jobs as an Au-Pair are Easy Au Pair and Au Pair World. These sites are quite reliable and you would not have to directly get in touch with the families.
    To start a new life in the UK these are a couple of the most jobs. In the beginning what you would require are a positive attitude, endurance, and a great deal of patience. It is not going to always be easy. It can be daunting to receive in one single day ten phone calls and ten “Thank you but we are not interested.”
    Do not lose courage. Your weapons only need to be sharpened, understudy the market a little more, and study how you can better sell yourself. Have confidence and ensure that you know all you desire. Put all you passion, optimism, and enthusiasm into it.
    Believe me, the results would soon come, and this piece of advice is applicable to every part of your life. Of course, it is not only related to if you want to relocate to England. I learnt my lessons, that your attitude plays a huge role in determining whether you are going to succeed or not.

    When you come to a foreign country and do not have any knowledge about their bureaucracy is similar to rowing against the blowing wind. It can be done but it is going to cost you frustration and fatigue. You have a lot to think about already without including additional stress.
    Ensure you are prepared and know what is to be done precisely. This would assist you with some very unhelpful and rude clerks in public offices and banks. Some of them would not be patient to help you out if you look like you do not know what you require.
    In England, it is not common to have undeclared work. This is why everything is always done by the book by UK employers.
    You would have to go to a job center to ask for a NIN in order to get a job.But, exactly what is an NIN and how can anyone get it? This is the link to all the details you would need. You can equally consult here for the official government website. Do not be worried. It is more difficult to say it than it is to do it.
    It is highly recommended that you open an English bank account once you arrive in England. There are several options. I have one with Barclays and so far I have not encountered any issues. It was opened for me straight away and the procedure was smooth. Also widely used in England are HSBC and NatWest. English banks as a general rule do not charge any fees for opening and closing the account.
    For all the details on how anyone can open an account with a bank and the required document, visit once of the Bank websites
    This famous card permits you to utilize public transport when you travel in London without the need of buying daily tickets. You can top it up with any amount of your choice or with various kinds of subscriptions (yearly, monthly, or weekly, or depending on the various areas of London) once you purchase the Oyster card. You can equally select to take just the Bus or the metro and the Bus combo.
    The Oyster can be purchased at any metro stations or newsstands for 5 pounds, and reloaded with debit card or cash at the tube stations’ machines.You can check this link for more information. Also, check out the London Transport site for information on disruptions, metro, bus, times for train departures, and more. This website is extremely helpful and useful. I made use of it every day. It will also inform you of the exact time that your bus is scheduled to make its arrival at the bus stops.

Services and links helpful when you relocate to the united kingdom

Websites for online recruitment:
(You can also visit the sections on how to design your Cover letter and Resume, How to Prepare for interviews, and so on).
Tests for English language: requirements for certification of your skills for working in specialist profession. The link is HERE.

Work permit/visa requirement: all the details you require are HERE.
Official website for Health Care:
The British Government official website:

Transferring money while you are in the UK:

Money wise, it can sometime be quite challenging in the beginning. This is why you might require assistance from your relations back at home, or simply seek for assistance when it has to do with exchange rates of currency, and so on.
To help you out there are online agencies/specialised websites. They are going to make your life much easier. This is especially true when you do not have enough time to handle this by yourself because you would be more focused on getting the right job or sorting out important documents that you require.

The MoneySavingExpert website is where I recommend you check out. They give a lot of helpful services such as foreign currency exchange at rates that are competitive, assisting you (or your family) in sending cash across the world, and so on.

Final tips on moving to the united kingdom from an expat:

One of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my entire life has been moving to the UK. So far, I have spent six years living in one of Europe’s coolest capitals, and had many failures, successes, and doubts in the process.
Once you have the right attitude England can give you a lot.
When I was deep in thought about the appropriate advice that I must give you as I conclude this post, it came to my realization that everyone of them seemed to be too personal. Various people would have various reasons for relocating. And so also the attitude and expectations could be different from one person to another.
In the end, I think that the best way I can be of help to you is to pay attention to whatever you might have to say, by listening to you projects and your doubts, and then I would make a response to all of your requests one after the other.
So, you are free to state your comments here or write me an email enquiring about anything that you would like to know about.
I hope that you found this guide to be useful and that it has given you another valid reason to experiment with an exciting experience as an expat living and working in the UK


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