Hotels Near Buckingham Palace

Many tourists who visit London are curious to get a glimpse of Buckingham Palace and perhaps take a tour if the time of year is right. The Palace is in the heart of London and is in close proximity to several well-known attractions. Those who wish to stay in hotels near Buckingham Palace will be happy to know that there are some very affordable options. Here is a list of four reasonably priced hotels near Buckingham Palace:

–The Alexander House is located in Victoria and is near the Waterloo and Victoria railway stations. The Alexander House offers small and clean rooms from as low as £40 a night. From this hotel, Buckingham Palace and other attractions can easily be accessed by bus, taxi, or tube.

–Another one of the hotels near Buckingham Palace is the Cedar Guest House, also in Victoria. The Cedar Guest House is very similar to the Alexander with its simple and tidy rooms. Tourists can stay at this hotel for a single room rate of £40 a night.

–The Belgrave Hotel is located on Clapham Road. It is a bit more costly than the Alexander and Cedar hotels near Buckingham Palace, but is offering a springtime rates that start at £55 a night. The Belgrave is one of the modern-style hotels near Buckingham Palace, offering Internet access and LCD televisions in the rooms.

–The Wellington Hotel is closer than most hotels near Buckingham Palace at 500 metres away on Vincent Square. The rooms are inexpensive starting at £42 per night. This hotel is simple and clean, and also allows small pets.

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