Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park, located in the London Borough of Bromley, is a public park and pleasure ground that dates back to the Victorian era.  Currently, the park is the site of various sporting events, concerts, and patriotic gatherings.  Crystal Palace Park has several venues on its grounds, including the National Sports Centre (NSC), The Bowl, and the Palace Terrace.  Visitors to the park can enjoy walking, cycling, or participating in workouts.

Crystal Palace Park can be reached via the Crystal Palace, Penge West, and Penge East rail stations.  The park is also accessible by a number of bus routes.   The park can be reached by car via the A212, A214, A234, and A2199 roadways.  All parking is free of charge.

–Crystal Palace Park is open every day from 7:30 AM until half an hour past duskThe Penge entrance to the park is close to the Information Centre, children’s playground, café, and Park Ranger’s Office.  The café serves ice cream, drinks, and hot food.

–The National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace Park seats 16,500 patrons on a permanent basis and can accommodate 20,000 patrons with the addition of temporary seating.  The NSC hosts events such as the London Youth Games and the British Athletics Grand Prix, as well as many other sporting activities.

–Crystal Palace Park also has an area that displays life-sized models of dinosaurs.  The dinosaur replicas are historically accurate and have recently been restored with assistance from architects and palaeontologists.

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