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If you’ve never been to London before and you’re planning a trip there, you’re going to want to make the most out of your trip. Some people opt to take guided tours of the city — and there are plenty of companies offering a cheap London tour.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that when buying tickets for a cheap London tour, in most cases it doesn’t matter if you purchase them over the internet before your trip or the day of the tour. Generally you won’t save any money booking ahead of time. And with the unpredictability of the weather, you might want to just wait until the day you’d like to take the tour to buy the tickets (and have a backup plan in case the weather isn’t so great).

If you’d like to take a cheap London tour on a bus there are a couple of reputable bus tour companies in London. One is Red Bus Tours and the other is the Big Bus Company. These tours tend to run on pretty similar schedules and routes.

Another option when trying to pick out a cheap London tour is the London Walks. On these tours you’ll take the train and walk. You could visit Canterbury, Oxford and Abbey Road. They offer a variety of different guided tours, including Beatles related walks.

Taxi drivers in London have a tour that they do as well. This might be an option to check out when searching for a cheap London tour. Taxi drivers are known for their knowledge of the city they call home. To check out some taxi tours you can visit or

When checking out rates for a cheap London tour, make sure you get all the details. In some cases a tour may be a little more pricey, but includes admittance to historic buildings, castles, and museums that normally charge an entrance fee. Get all the facts before booking anything and most of all enjoy your tour.

On the cheapest side, taking a bus (Route 23: Liverpool Street to Westbourne Park or Route 11: Liverpool Street to Fulham Broadway) from the Liverpool street station is the cheapest option to see most of the important attractions. Cost can be further reduced by purchasing a one day travel card (includes all modes of transport) at any train station.

Route 23: Liverpool Street to Westbourne Park

Route 11: Liverpool Street to Fulham Broadway

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