Cheap flights to London

When planning a trip to the UK, chances are you’re hoping to find a good deal. Lucky for you, there are ways to book cheap flights to London.

There are five airports in London: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City, and Luton. The two most popular airports for tourists are Heathrow and Gatwick. Heathrow and Gatwick each have a few convenient options to head into the city once you land.

Of course, if you need to travel at the last minute, it will be pretty hard to come by cheap flights to London. As with any flight, the further ahead of time you can plan your trip and buy tickets, the better chance you’ll save a few bucks.

If you’re not planning on flying right away, there are a couple of websites you can keep your eye on for cheap flights to London. One site you’ll want to bookmark and visit regularly is This site will give you the best prices per month. To take a look at the fares for low-cost airlines, check out If there’s a specific airline you’d prefer to use, then keep your eyes on their website for cheap flights to London.

Another thing to consider when looking for cheap flights to London is the time of year you’ll be making your trip. Cheaper fares can generally be found in January, February, March, September, and November. Although none of those are summer months, keep in mind that the weather is still usually pretty nice in September.

You should have no trouble booking cheap flights to London as long as you are planning your trip well in advance and can be a little lenient on when exactly you’ll be making your trip.

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