Abbey Road London

From museums to palaces to famous streets, the United Kingdom offers tourists an amazing visit. Thanks to a legendary recording studio and the Beatles, Abbey Road in London is one of those streets that people flock to.

  • The legendary recording studio, which shares its name with the street, is where the Beatles recorded quite a bit of music.
  • The Beatles also named their final studio album after the street.
  • With the cover showing them walking across the street, it’s no wonder that tourists have been known to try to replicate the same photo while visiting Abbey Road in London.

Abbey Road in London is still actually a very busy street. Therefore, if you plan on visiting, and/or reenacting the Beatles photo take care and be aware of the traffic.

  • The studio itself has been recording since 1931 when it did mostly orchestral music.
  • These days the studio is known as one of the best in the world.
  • Many famous movie scores have been recorded here, including Braveheart and the Lord of the Rings.
  • In 1983 the studios opened up for the public to take a peak. If you do plan on visiting Abbey Road in London, keep in mind that the public no longer is allowed in the studio.

All in all, Abbey Road in London is just that – a busy road. Don’t expect too much excitement if plan on visiting. It truly is a must-see for diehard Beatles fans. However, if that doesn’t describe you, then you may want to spend your day visiting another landmark that will interest your tastes more.

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